Donald Brun


Donald Brun (1909 – 1999)

he recognizable and often comedic style of graphic designer Donald Brun has many fans, and so do the posters that he made for Swiss yard producer Zwicky, both of which can be seen in the Cat Cabinet.

Brun, born in Switzerland, studied at the Allgemeneine Gewerbeschule while working in Basel as a graphic designer at a design studio. After this study he went to Berlin to continue developing his work and studied at the Akademie fur Freie und Angewandte Kunst.

The many posters designed by Brun give an insight into his art and his use of many different styles and techniques. Often you can see the lively and friendly influences in his illustrations. Brun worked for many international companies, including ones from the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. In 1951 he was one of the founders of AGI – Alliance Graphique Internationale – an elite club for leading graphic designers and artists, and from 1970 until 1972 he took over the role of International President.

Works by Brun were showered with many awards and to this day occupy spaces in many permanent exhibitions around the world.