Jean-Paul Vroom


Jean-Paul Vroom (1922-2006)

In the Cat Cabinet hangs a unique silkscreen of a cat called Pompidou. The maker of this detailed work is Jean-Paul Vroom. In 1980 he produced this work of a curious cat in a wicker basket. Silkscreen was at the time known as a modern technique with which large shapes of color could be printed. Vroom developed, together with Hans Jansen, a silkscreen with features resembling those of engraving, which enabled many details and layers to be added into this graphical technique.

Vroom studied at the Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten in The Hague in the 1930s, where he learned from Rein Draaier, Willem Schrofer, Paul Citroen and Sierk Schroder. In Paris his immersed himself in graphical techniques and studied at the Êcole Estienne. During his time in Paris he made many engravings. In 1955 he went back to the Netherlands where he primarily worked in The Hague and Amsterdam.

Vroom’s work is made out of many different disciplines. Alongside painting and designing he also worked as an illustrator, photographer and engraver. Additionally, he collaborated closely with Hans van Manen at the Nederlands Dans Theater and Het Nationale Ballet, mostly as designer of ballet shows. Across the world he’s famous mostly for his photography and film arts.

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